Itaipu, Seuss, and VAIO

I’m listening to Philip Glass’ Itaipu as I write this. I find it has a curative effect on brain clouds. I’ve spent a good part of the day fighting with a Sony VAIO computer. Don’t laugh – it’s not mine! I’m doing this for a good friend of mine. A casual survey of usenet will reveal that the opinion of any randomly selected Sony VAIO computer is somewhere between “a dog” and “a very sick dog”. Most people either return them or throw them away in disgust. All that’s needed in this case is to get Windows 95 or 98 installed and working to the extent that the computer can be used for web browsing. The primary difficulty is that the hardware is highly unstable. To paraphrase Dr. Seuss, the Sony VAIO has a bad case of gleeks and should lie flat on it’s back in a bed for eight weeks. But I’m determined to persevere. Stay tuned for more on this one…

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