Another Night at the DSO

It’s been another busy week. We are almost moved into the new building. I will probably be going back and forth between them for another week or two until the new T1 becomes functional and we can move the last of our servers. Even though we’ve still got things going on at the old building, I think we’ll declare Oct. 1st as the offcial opening day at the new place

Last night was DSO night again (Susan bought season tickets this year). The first two pieces were Violin Concertos, which I like only slightly more than piano concertos. Their one redeeming quality was the guest violinist, Midori. She is very talented and quite interesting to watch. The final piece for the night was Saint-Saëns Symphony No. 3 in C minor, otherwise known as the Organ Symphony. The organ at the Meyerson is really huge and this is one those pieces of music that really shows it off. It can produce some bass notes that shake the building and can generate more volume than the entire orchestra. Susan and I both agreed that the performance was very good and also seemed very different from the recordings we had heard. I’m not sure exactly how – I guess we need to listen to the version we have on CD and see if we can pinpoint the difference. We find that frequently classical CDs are recorded in a way the emphasizes particular instruments or groups of instruments, causing the recorded piece to sound nothing like the real thing – that could be what’s going on here.

In a completely different genre of music, Steven Van Zandt’s new web site is now online. Check it out.

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