SETI@Home Update

Well, my time in third place on the SETI@Home Team Slashdot list was short. I’m back in forth and it doesn’t look like I’ll be moving up again for a while.

Speaking of moving, NCC may be relocating soon. More details forthcoming but I can say that the new location will be in the North Dallas area. We’ve been in this building for over six years and, while it’s not bad, it would be fun to be in a building where the air conditioners worked and the roof didn’t leak.

Back from Vegas (again)

I’m back from yet another trip to Vegas. This one took an extra day to recover from because I had to return on a red-eye flight. The plane left Vegas at 1am and got into DFW airport at 5:30am. Hopefully, I’ll be in town for a few weeks before my next trip!

I spent most of yesterday and today in meetings and will probably spend the weekend trying to get caught up on actual work. No cool stories to report today – no fire alarms, alien abductions, or other exciting events have happened. Maybe tomorrow.