CPiA Webcam Driver Update

Things slowed down enough today that I got to play with the webcam. It’s working much better with the Linux 2.3.26 kernel. It still has a problem with some of the pixels blacking out in areas of the image where there’s no motion but I hacked in a quick fix to get it working. There’s apparently a real fix for the problem but the patch hasn’t made it into a kernel release yet.

I’ve set things up for testing purposes with the camera pointed out a window on the east side of our office looking towards the south-east. The street in view is Alpha Road just east of the Galleria. The image is updated every 5 seconds. This is only a temporary URL and it will probably vanish without warning sometime in the next couple of days. But, in the meantime, have a look and see what you think of the first Linux/USB/CPiA webcam in North America.

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