NEdit GPL’d

I’ve been using NEdit for a while – it’s one of the best, easiest to use editors available on Unix. I just noticed today that it’s been GPL’d which is very good news – hopefully we’ll see it become more widely adopted and maybe even included in some of the standard Linux distributions. Now, if someone will just port it to GTK and finally free it up from the ugly Motif/Lesstif look! I downloaded the latest beta but it looks like it has a ways to go, the make bombed off on the first source file. In the meantime, though, you can always download a static binary of the latest stable build.

The Pretenders at the Bronco

I’m working late again tonight but thought I’d take a break and post a news update. Most of the weekend was spent coding more Perl stuff but I actually left the office for a couple of hours Sunday night so Susan and I could make it out to the Bronco Bowl for the Pretenders concert. The opening band was some truly awful sounding thing from the UK called Gay Dad. The Pretenders sounded great. Chrissie had a mirrored guitar that was useful for reflecting the spot lights back into the audience. Adam Seymour was really impressive on the guitar, as was Martin Chambers on drums. Well, back to work now.

2600 DVD Protest

Only a few hours left until the DVD protest and I still haven’t found out where the heck it is. I’m assuming there’s going to be one in Dallas since there’s supposed to be a local 2600 group. I’ve been unable to find an email or phone number so despite wanting to go, it looks like nobody from NCC will make it to the protest tonight. Maybe if they hold another, they’ll actually put some planning into it and give people more than a couple of days notice and even some contact info.

DeCSS T-Shirts

We just received our DVD shirts from Copyleft today. On the front they say “DVD CCA” behind the universal circle & line “no” symbol. On the back they contain the css_titlekey(), css_decrypttitlekey(), and css_descramble() functions from the DeCSS code, making the wearer an official enemy of the MPAA and DVD CCA. Also included with each shirt is your official copy of the complete css_descramble.c source code printed on Copyleft letterhead, suitable for framing or handing to the judge when the MPAA hauls you into court for wearing their alleged trade secrets.