Mahler Symphony No. 8

I’ve been keeping busy today writing Perl code as usual. This weekend Susan and I attended the last regular concert of the season at the Dallas Symphony. It was a performance of Mahler’s Symphony No. 8. The 8th requires a lot of performers and, in addition to the usual Symphony and Chorus performers, there were quite a few additional performers present including several well known soloists. An extension to the stage and choral terrace had to be constructed to make room for everyone. This is apparently the first time Mahler’s 8th has been done in Dallas and the performance was recorded by Delos for release on CD. While Mahler isn’t my favorite composer, it was definitely an enjoyable evening.

I managed to avoid going to the office all weekend and, other than swimming laps at the pool and going to the symphony, didn’t really do too much.

I spent a little time today hacking on newslog. I may release a new version soon.

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