B-Ark Middle Management

It’s been nearly two weeks since my last news update – I think that’s the longest gap in over a year. It looks like the recent on-site work that’s been sucking up so much of my time will coming to end fairly soon, however. We’re still working on server migration issues and the client is a large company with way too much in the way of corporate politics and B-Ark middle management – so I’ll be glad to get back to work in the Open Source world where people have these wacky ideas about working together and helping each other. I will miss the IT staff I’ve been working with when the job is over though as they are a great group of people.

There’s been all sorts of good news lately. Mozilla is being GPL’ed, Sun, HP, and IBM announced that Gnome is now the standard Unix GUI, IBM has finally produce a working 5 qubit quantum computer, and there are new rumours of Microsoft porting software to Linux (not that anyone would want to use it, but it’s fun to see them running scared). There was also some bad news with the good guys losing to the MPAA (at least in the NY case). Guess that means I’ll be a wanted criminal next time I wear my DeCSS shirt.

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