He’s a Demon on Wheels

Okay, this is weird. I’m walking across the street from my office to sit at a coffee shop and not drink coffee (fortunately this coffee shop offers a variety of non-coffee drinks). As I’m standing at the corner waiting for the signal to change to “walk”, the Mach 5 drives by. That’s right, the Powerful Mach 5. The white one with the big red M on the hood, the number 5 painted on the side, and the red leather interior. It all happened very fast and while I’m certain Speed Racer wasn’t driving it, I couldn’t tell if Spritle and Chim-Chim were hiding in the trunk or not.

I thought about this awhile and decided that I felt sane and probably really did see the Mach 5. So I did a search on the web and discovered that, sure enough, there’s not just one of these but 100 street-legal replicas of the Mach 5. And they’re apparently only $125,000 each (or $637,000 if you’d like to buy the one-of-kind prototype) – what a bargain… Of course, if you’re thinking about buying one, I should warn you that this thing is really ugly in person. It looks nowhere near as cool in 3D as it did animated in 2D.

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