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No work today. Sometimes you just have to take a day off to get the stress levels down. The RSX got an oil change. I mowed the lawn. That was about it.

I still haven’t seen the new Star Wars movie. Maybe next week. I did see Spiderman recently. For a comicbook movie it wasn’t bad. It was very, very predictable as it follows the same storyline as Superman… boy discovers he has super powers, his father figure dies, he gets a job at newpaper, gets a colorful suit, fights some crime, gets the girl, loses the girl… The villain was pretty lame – just a guy in a plastic power-rangers suit. Still, it was fun in spite of all that. The Danny Elfman sound track helped a lot. They played the really goofy Spiderman Theme song from the old cartoon as well. Susan claimed she couldn’t get it out of her head for several days.

Saw the season finale of X Files too. It was okay. Pretty much what one would have expected but nothing spectacular.

Somewhat more interesting was The Chronocide Mission by Lloyd Biggle Jr., which I just finished reading to Susan. Even though it’s a new book it reads very much like classic science fiction from the Golden Era. 300 years from today, a majorly screwed up Earth is being destroyed by war for a second time because of an artifact called a Honsun Lens that can unleash huge amounts of energy and distort time. A small group of conspirators decide that the only way to save the world is to destroy it – or, at least, the particular timeline that leads to it. To that end they form a plan to use the time distortion capabilities of a Honsun Lens to go back in time and kill the man who created the lens. As usual, the fun is in finding out whether or not they can pull it off. Recommended.

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