Over the Hill

With the approach of another birthday, I’ve been complaining too much about getting old, I think. My friends are beginning to feel sorry for me and have been doing all sorts of nice things. On Wednesday, a bunch of balloons showed up at the office courtesy of Erin. Interestingly, the bunch consisted of two mylar balloons and five of the older-style latex rubber balloons. Within 24 hours the rubber balloons had lost enough helium to reach neutral buoyancy and by this morning were all lying on the floor. The two mylar balloons are still flying high. Since I parked the balloons where they are visible on my webcam, this experiment in the helium permeability of materials is being carried out live on the Internet. Of course, if I’d read the balloon FAQ, I’d have known this stuff already!

Thursday, Lacey was in town and we had lunch at Sherlock’s Baker St. Pub. She also invited me to the Christmas party over at Alexander & Kienast. I put in a brief appearance and did my best to act like a regular person instead of an introverted computer geek (don’t know if I fooled anyone). I ate some cookies and listened to the very nice Jazz combo. I guess the last party I saw was the Mozilla 1.0 launch party where I was present just long enough to get my photo snapped as proof I’d been there. Hmmm… that’s two parties in the same year, I really need to slow down (especially at my age!).

Today, Erin took me out to lunch at Houston’s. Filet Mignon was followed by a birthday dessert complete with candle (thankfully no singing waiters, however).

Tonight is Susan’s turn. And then back to work for another year.

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