Don Davis vs Philip Glass

I submitted a question for a recent Don Davis interview on the Music from the Movies website. Unlike the occasional interview questions I submit on Slashdot, this one was actually used. I asked about the similarities between his music for The Matrix Reloaded and recent Philip Glass compositions (in particular his soundtrack for Naqoyqatsi which also had some Matrix-like visual effects). He didn’t think there were any similarities but then went on to say his work was more like that of John Adams or Steve Reich, two other well known minimalists. So I think that means he admits to being heavily influenced by minimalism but he doesn’t want his work to be seen as being derivative of Glass, who also does a lot movie soundtracks. There are some other interesting questions in the interview but roughly half of them are just variations on the question of whether or not it was easy for a modern composer like Davis to work with a techno/electronica group like Juno.

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