Mod_Virgule Update

I found some time to package up and release my latest mod_virgule code. This release brings my fork back up to date with the official code including the recentlog, project, and article permalinks and the recentlog edit patches (which oddly don’t appear on Advogato – is it not running the latest version anymore?). I’ve also incorporated a somewhat mutated form of the “forgotten password” patch Steve Kemp submitted back in Feb 2003. This release also fixes the corrupt profile.xml segfault issue and a couple of segfaults that resulted from incorrect handling of names containing UTF-8 data. The default form encoding type has been changed from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 throughout. It’s still not 100% UTF-8 safe but it’s getting there. At least has been very stable since the UTF-8 patches went in.

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