Art and Linux

After waiting what seems like several months, a nice, big stack of Ubuntu Linux CDs showed up in the mail recently. I can’t complain about the wait since the CDs are free (as in free beer). Most of them are for Intel but I also got a couple of PowerPC and AMD CDs for good measure. I’ll probably give away most of them to other folks considering Linux. I plan on trying it out my notebook but from what I’ve read, it may not be ready for that yet. Maybe the next version will be up to the task. Most distros offer a server or workstation install. Does anyone know of a distro that offers a notebook or laptop install option? Or better yet how about a distro intended specifically for use on notebook computers. There must be something like that out there somewhere.

Susan and I managed to get over to the Meadows Museum today for the last day of the Barrett Collection exhibition. There was a lot of cool stuff by Texas artists including two by John Alexander, a particular favorite of mine. This was the first time we’d been to the Meadows Museum and it was actually quite nice.

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