Raph Levien is the original author and maintainer of the official mod_virgule. What you're looking at here is a hacked version that I use to run I needed more features than are provided in the official version but the project accepts few patches and tends to progress at a glacial pace. While both the original mod_virgule and my forked version are far from being well-optimized, my little robot site gets around 70k raw hits / 25k page views per day and is holding up just fine with this code. We've also been Slashdotted twice with no ill effects, which isn't bad for a site running on a PII 400 MHz box!

Raph has absorbed some of my modifications and changes into the official mod_virgule since I released this version and may eventually fold more of this functionality in (or not). In any case, this is strictly an unofficial version. Use at your own risk and don't expect Raph to provide any support for my changes. There is no guarantee that future official versions of mod_virgule will be compatible with this version or will contain any of the features I've added.

Raph's original version had lots of hard-coded references to I've replaced all of those with user configurable equivalents or generic replacements. Now, if all the disclaimers haven't scared you off, you're probably wondering what my version does that the original doesn't:

Also, a few of the features found in my version have slowly made their way into the main version:

Download latest mod_virgule

mod_virgule version 1.41-20070308 is the latest stable release

mod_virgule-svn.tar.gz Daily tarball from Subversion repository (may be unstable!)

Changelog from Subversion repository

To get the latest code from the Subversion repository using svn:

svn checkout

Version number note: The version number in the official mod_virgule has been stuck at "1.41" for a couple of years, so I've added a concatenated date string to the "official" version number. This version/date number is reflected in the Apache module registration to make it clear what version of code is being run on a given server.

If you have any mod_virgule patches you'd like to submit or features you'd like to see added, send me some email and I'll see what I can do.

More mod_virgule information:

License: All software on this page is Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.

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