Brave Combo at Oktoberfest

Even though it’s only September, Addison hosted the 13th annual Addison Oktoberfest this week. I guess Addison Septemberfest just wouldn’t sound as interesting. The food was lousy but we got to hear Brave Combo playing a lot of cool stuff. Fortunately the Texas State Fair is coming up soon and has much better food.

By the way, congratulations to Rusty and the rest of the Kuro5hin team – I’m glad to see Kuro5hin back up finally!

Chow Thai Addison

Susan and I were putting in some overtime at the office last night and decided to check out a nearby Thai place for dinner. It’s called Chow Thai Addison and it’s near the intersection of Montfort and Beltline, in the same general area as The Great Outdoors. It’s definitely the best Thai place I’ve tried yet in the DFW area; great food, nice looking dining area with weird artwork and jazz playing in the background. Recommended.