Andrew Litton Invited us Backstage at the DSO

After the DSO concert Saturday evening, Susan and I ventured backstage at the invitation of Andrew Litton. Following instructions printed from an email, we made our way through a nearly pitch black corridor of the Meyerson known as the green room and knocked on the appropriate door. But I should start at the beginning.

Susan has for some years been maintaining an Andrew Litton discography on her website. Mr. Litton’s 8-year-old daughter was learning to use Google image search recently in a class and stumbled onto Susan’s site. She showed it to her father, who was in the processing of having his own website put together. A few days later Susan received an email from Mr. Litton asking permission to use her discography on his official site. Susan offered to provide a copy of the discography on CD and that brings us back to the green room door.

To our surprise Maestro Litton opened the door himself. He was standing in the corridor next to the door talking to someone so it was perfect timing on our part. We waited our turn and he invited us into his office. A couple of musicians stopped to chat on their way to wherever musicians go after a concert and we got to meet Emanuel Borok, the concertmaster of the DSO. Susan and Mr. Litton chatted about website details for a few minutes and then he progressed to other after-symphony duties. But not before Susan got one of her CD inserts autographed.

Airbills Take to the Air

Wow, the weird event of the week just occured. We got a call from someone in the office building across the street saying that there were NCC FedEx airbills blowing around in the street. We looked out the window and the street was covered with paper for about a block in both directions. A few of us went outside to pick up the mess and try to figure out what was up. Turns out that the garbage collection service had dropped a couple of bags of trash as they were leaving the parking lot after todays pickup. The paper was not just airbills but old memos, invoices, and all kinds of things like that from NCC and other companies in our building. Someone at NCC had trashed about 100 FedEx airbills yesterday because of an incorrect address and most of them spent the morning getting run over by cars, blown in the wind, and otherwise doing things that airbills don’t normally do. We managed to collect most of the debris and get it back into trash bags without getting hit by cars.

Otherwise, it’s been a short, fast week. I took Monday off so Susan and I could go to an outdoor concert celebrating Memorial day and the Dallas Symphony’s 100th anniversary. They played the 1812 Overture which isn’t that unusual but they had colorful exploding firework displays to simulate the cannons and that was certainly different. Towards the end of the piece they had so many fireworks going off that Andrew Litton waved a white hankerchief in the air to signal that the orchestra just couldn’t compete with the volume and they stopped to watch the explosions along with the rest of us.