Visitors on Webcam

An unexpected visitor stopped by the office today; Don Rainwater of Cincinati. He was in town with his wife for a few days and decided to pay us a visit. He likes to track down other Rainwaters when he travels. As it turns out we’re fourth cousins once removed (Susan determined the actual relationship using her genealogy software). Don’s sister, Betty does genealogy research on the Rainwater family and has known Susan through email for some time. Don brought his Polaroid and snapped a couple of pictures of Susan and I while we chatted in the conference room. I didn’t have my camera, but it did occur to me at the last minute that the Linux box running 2.3.99 that I’ve been testing the CPiA USB camera on was in the corner of the conference room happily snapping away every 15 seconds. Normally they aren’t saved, but I managed to grab one and save it.
[[image:don-rainwater.jpg:Don Rainwater:center:0]]
Not the best photo one could hope for but better than nothing.

The CPiA driver has turned out to be quite stable. I’m going to have to find the time to move the webcam into a more intersting location sometime soon.
[[image:webcam.jpg:NCC Webcam:center:0]]
I’ve decided the best location is probably the game room, where we can be seen playing Robotron 2084 or some other vintage arcade game from the 80’s (back when they still knew how to make good arcade games instead those games they have now that are mostly just cartoons of people kicking each other in the head).