Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Game

Saturday we went to the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games. After going last year, I decided this was something we should do every year. There is always lots of cool stuff to see but it’s really the music that makes it worth the trip. The Houston group, Clandestine, was there again this year and sounding as good as I remembered. I picked up their newest CD. Highly recommended. I also picked up two of Ed Miller‘s CDs. We spent most of the day there and at least half of it was just enjoying the music. But we took time to wander around looking at the other sights: sheepdogs, bagpipes, Scottish harps, shortbread, and lots of vendors selling all sorts of strange things. We missed the Scotch whiskey tasting seminar though – maybe next year.

I packed up my latest mod_virgule patches for Raph this morning, maybe we’ll see some new code in CVS soon.