The End of the World as We Know It

Less than 6 hours to go now. As I type this, the final backups are being transferred off our web servers. All of our DNS files, databases, and other important stuff is safely stored. When they finish, I’ll be powering down all non-essential hardware and heading for home. I’m not expecting much to happen but you never know. Most likely I’ll be back at work monday doing the usual sorts of things but if it really is TEOTWAWKI, I’m ready. We’ve stocked up on ammo, cheesy-poofs, and other survival essentials. When the bikers and mutants kick down our door, they’ll find me ready to defend our last Pop-Tart with the AR-15 and Glock (and Susan is pretty handy with her Smith & Wesson too). Good luck to all. See ya on the other side.