2002: Boring for Me, Unbelievable for Bond

I spent a little time tonight working on our annually Christmas letter that we send to friends and family. I realized that 2002 turned out to be a fairly boring year! I’m resolving to make 2003 a bit more interesting.

We saw the Die Another Day, the new James Bond movie, last night and it was okay but a bit disappointing. It’s the same story as Diamonds are Forever and Golden Eye; an evil guy with a lot of diamonds builds a big laser satellite so he can take over the world. Major reality disconnects were Bond’s invisible car, the MI6 Holodeck, and Bond surfing a 1000 ft high tsunami wave. And what’s with the guy with the diamonds embedded in his head? Oh well, looking forward to seeing the LoTR and Star Trek movies soon.

Short Trip in a New Car to see a New Bond

Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? Susan and I spent the day with some of my family members. We ate lots of turkey and other usual Thanksgiving day fare. After sitting around and talking for awhile, some of us went to see The World is not Enough, the new James Bond movie. The movie was not as good as the last couple of Bond movies but was not the worst I’ve seen either. Pierce Brosnan seems to be growing into the role quite nicely and may be the first replacement Bond to have a chance at actually filling Connery’s shoes. Our nephew, David, drove us to the AMC theater at Grapevine Mills mall in his new Mazda Protegé. It brought back memories of my first car, a Fiat X1/9.