New Newslog

This is my first post using version 1.0.1 of my newslog CGI. I’ve fixed a couple of minor bugs. It should now sort the archived news pages according to the month of the year rather than the spelling of the month name, the archive index page should expire properly on most browsers, and I made a few changes that should allow the script to work with mod_perl.

Back from Vegas

Since my last news post I’ve been to Vegas and done the demo that all the work of the past several weeks was for. If you happened to be in the Atlantis room of the Forum Shops Mall in Caesar’s Palace on Tuesday morning around 8:30am, you would have seen our software, or rather MPEG2 video being emitted by it, on the 18 30′ screens that line the circular walls. All the software and hardware worked as planned – it didn’t burst into flames or create localized temporal anomolies (at least, none that anyone noticed!). I’m back in TX now and looking forward to a slow week of catching up with my todo list.