News from a Slow Month

Not much news to post lately. I’m just staying too busy with work I guess. A lot of my spare time is still getting sucked up doing work on the DPRG website. I’ve been writing a pile of Perl code to automate a lot of the administration functions of the site. I’ve made some progress on my MCORE project. I’ve successfully built a GCC Linux to MCORE cross compiler thanks to a handy bash script by Brian LaPonsey of Motorola. (the scripts recommended in the CrossGCC FAQ are so out of date, they no longer work with any current version of the tool chain). I should have time to put together a little test code for the New Micros MCORE board soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve managed to become an ODP editor. I was trying to get NCC listed under one of the website design categories and not having much luck because there was no editor for the category. So I volunteered and now get to blow a little more of my time maintaining the prestigous Computers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Designers: Full Service: N category on DMOZ.