Advogato First Post

Assuming my patches to newslog and to mod_virgule work, this will be my first post to go to both my home page and to my diary simultaneously. If nothing blows up, I’ll probably post a freshmeat announcement later tonight in case anyone else wants to sync up news/diary entries on their personal home pages to their diary.

Discovering Advogato

I’ve been reading an open source news portal called Advogato fairly regularly and decided to sign up for an account. I’m usually just a spectator at these things – I don’t even have a slashdot account. But Advogato is fairly interesting in that it uses a group trust metric system to rate each member and assign privileges such as news posting. The theory is that this will make for a better signal to noise ratio and avoid slashdot-type posts about hot grits and Natalie Portman. Anyway, as a side effect, I’ve been working on a new version of newslog that will be able to post these news entries to my diary on advogato as well as here.