Supercomm 1999

I’m back from Supercomm ’99 in Atlanta. My advice to anyone thinking of planning a convention in Atlanta is, don’t! Atlanta simply doesn’t have the hotel capacity for a reasonably large convention. Supercomm is hardly NAB or Comdex but it was more than enough to have every hotel room in town booked up. And if you did manage to get a hotel room, Atlanta doesn’t seem to be a 24-hour city. If it’s 1 am, don’t expect to be able to get room service, much less find a restaurant that’s open. On the other hand, if you enjoy riding public transportation systems filled with deranged homeless people having loud arguments with invisible companions, Atlanta is probably the next best thing to New York City! As far as I’m concerned all conventions should be held in Las Vegas. I took the tour of CNN while I was there, since it was just across the street from the convention center. But I didn’t see Ted (or Space Ghost) wandering around CNN center anywhere.

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