Go-Go’s and Berlin at the Bronco Bowl

I’ve just returned from the Bronco Bowl and my ears are still ringing from excessive exposure to loud music. I dragged Susan out to see the Go-go’s and Berlin. You remember them – a couple of those bands from the 80’s. Berlin was the opening act and Terri Nunn spent most of her time sort swaying around like some sort of weird, Stevie Nicks impersonator. I was suprised by how many of Berlin’s songs I recognized (and had totally forgotten). Eventually the Go-go’s showed up. They don’t seem to have changed much since the last time I saw them in the 80’s. Belinda Carlisle was wearing pink pyjamas – sort of a female Arthur Dent. According to Susan her voice is still flat. Jane is still an insane exhibitionist who talks with a squeaky mouse voice. Charlotte is still the quiet one – she stood off in a dark corner of the stage playing guitar and keyboards and hardly moved during the whole show. Kathy still hops up and down most of the time while playing bass. Gina plays the drums much better than I remember but it’s been a long time. The audience spent most of the show dancing and I did my best though I got the usual complaint that I get from women that I don’t bend my knees. Oh well, maybe I should just stick to programming…

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