Texas State Fair

Yesterday was fair day. Susan and I took most of the day off to go to Texas State Fair. We did all the stuff you have to do at the fair – most of which involves eating. Let’s see, you’ve got the corn dog, the funnel cake, the turkey on a stick, and the place with the fudge that’s sold in huge blocks.

While we wandered around eating everything in sight, we checked out the bizarre exhibits they always have – buildings full of strange crafts that have won contests. We never have figured out exactly why some of the stuff in there has a won a prize. You’ll see things like an old black and white photo in a broken frame or a rusty can and it will have a blue ribbon stuck on it.

As usual, we fooled the “guess your age” guy and won some sort of stuffed animal which Susan gave to a passing kid. (you know you’re getting old, though, when teenagers start calling you ‘sir’!) We visited the children’s petting zoo, looked at all the new cars, listed to an Irish folk/rock band for a while, and watched a fairly lengthy parade that started just after dark.

After spending most of the day there, we took the last bus back to Irving. Using Dart busses to get people in and out of the State Fair is one of the few smart things Dart has ever done. It sure beats driving in traffic and hours spent hunting for a parking spot.

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