Stock Tips

Stock tip time again. Last time Dell went below $40, I recommended buying it. If you had a bought it then, you could have sold it a few months later for $50 a share. 25% return in three months isn’t bad. Well, you’ve got another chance. The spike in RAM prices caused by the earthquake in Taiwan resulted in a temporary downturn in Dell’s price. It went under $38 yesterday and is now begining to recover. You can still buy it at less than $40. Buy it now and you’ll be able to sell it at $50 or higher in a few months. The RAM prices will drop again over the next few months and Dell’s profits will return to normal. On top of that, Y2K will be taking a heavy toll on older PCs. Dell is the leading seller of new PCs. Dell should be doing a lot of business through the next year.

The T1 is Working

After a lot of 3-way conference calls between Verio, Worldcom, and myself, we seem to have nailed down the last of the problems with the new T1 line. We’ve had a few hours of downtime over the last couple of days but things should be pretty stable from here on out.

Texas State Fair

Yesterday was fair day. Susan and I took most of the day off to go to Texas State Fair. We did all the stuff you have to do at the fair – most of which involves eating. Let’s see, you’ve got the corn dog, the funnel cake, the turkey on a stick, and the place with the fudge that’s sold in huge blocks.

While we wandered around eating everything in sight, we checked out the bizarre exhibits they always have – buildings full of strange crafts that have won contests. We never have figured out exactly why some of the stuff in there has a won a prize. You’ll see things like an old black and white photo in a broken frame or a rusty can and it will have a blue ribbon stuck on it.

As usual, we fooled the “guess your age” guy and won some sort of stuffed animal which Susan gave to a passing kid. (you know you’re getting old, though, when teenagers start calling you ‘sir’!) We visited the children’s petting zoo, looked at all the new cars, listed to an Irish folk/rock band for a while, and watched a fairly lengthy parade that started just after dark.

After spending most of the day there, we took the last bus back to Irving. Using Dart busses to get people in and out of the State Fair is one of the few smart things Dart has ever done. It sure beats driving in traffic and hours spent hunting for a parking spot.

Perl Code and Dialups

I’ve spent the last several days writing boatloads of Perl code on two projects at once. A demo of one of the two projects is going to be shown tomorrow so I should really be coding instead of updating my home page.

Our T1 is still a few days from being operational and the whole office is being routed through a single 56k dialup – I can’t believe people actually survive using these things all the time! The slow access is driving me insane and it’s only been a little over a week.

Another Night at the DSO

We attended the Dallas Symphony again this weekend (that’s what happens when you have season tickets). You’re probably tired of hearing all the details so I’ll just give the executive summary: Symphony No. 82 in C major by Haydn, Beyond Autumn: “Poem” for Horn & Orchestra by Joseph Schwantner, and Symphony No. 2 in C-minor, Op. 17 by Tchaikovsky. The second piece, Beyond Autumn was very good. It was a recently composed work commissioned by the International Horn Society and written for Gregory Hustis and the DSO. If you want to know more, check out the full program notes on the DSO site.