RIP Ken Loss-Cutler

As I write this, I’m watching the lunar eclipse out my office window. The Earth’s shadow is now covering most of what was a full moon just minutes ago. (thanks go to Roger for the pic!)

The week began with a sad note. Susan got an email Monday morning saying that Ken Loss-Cutler had died Friday of a heart attack. Both Susan and I have known Ken for many years and he was a friend. Susan worked with him at Showcase and earlier at Dallas Post.

I had worked with him on different computer related jobs off and on over the years. Ken had a wide range of interests. He loved drums and other drummers are probably familiar with the Drummers Anonymous 12-Step Program that he compiled. He was active in the home-schooling community. He was one of the founders of The North Texas Free-Net. He even contributed some computer animations that he made of the Jupiter SL9 impact to the SL9:Impact ’94 CD-ROM that I published a while back.

I regret now that we hadn’t stayed in contact much in the last couple of years. We attended the funeral Monday afternoon and, as funerals go, it was nice. Both the variety and quantity of people present was impressive. (And it was the first time I’ve ever worn a yarmulke!) As several of Ken’s close friends spoke about their memories of him, it brought back memories of my own.

2 thoughts on “RIP Ken Loss-Cutler

  1. Hey, I came across this entry because I’m feeling sad and nostalgic and I was googling my Dad to see if there was anything I could find that would make me smile. Sorry I’m just now seeing your kind words, but I wanted to thank you for writing them anyway. I ran across an old listserv that he contributed to and heard his voice in my head while reading his posts. Over a decade later and I guess it really doesn’t get any easier, obviously. But thank you again for writing this.

  2. Yes! Ken was a pleasure to work with & an honor to know. His work was amazing….way ahead of his time!

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