Verio – Just Say No

Verio tech support… how can any group of people be so amazingly, mind-numingly, unbelievably incapable of providing support for technical things at Verio or elsewhere. :-(

I’m afraid my mind is still reeling from trying comprehend the massive stupidity and mismanagement involved so I can’t bring myself to write out the full details yet. Perhaps when it’s finally over – we’re only 7 days into it right now and it’s a fairly simple problem that any sysadmin with some BIND experience could fix in half an hour, so I’m betting we’re got at least another 7 days to go before someone at Verio blunders into a solution. In the meantime, you can entertain yourself reading the past exploits of Verio tech support from their simplest DNS blunder, and their wonderful work with Worldcom, to the famous focus group event and, my favorite, the story of the first of several times they mis-allocated part of our IP addresses to a DSL customer.

I’d offer the also very interesting story of our 3 month installation saga on our first T1 and the related double billing and mysterious shifting account number problems but by the time I fully regained my sanity from those I’d blocked most of the details from my memory. Suffice to say of the current mess, if Verio ever offers to do your secondary DNS for you, just say NO!

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