State Fair of Texas 2001

The 2001 Texas State Fair ended this weekend but not before Susan and I spent the day there seeing the sites and eating the usual variety of State Fair Food. I was pleased to see that funnel cakes were still available and selling well in spite of their being covered with mysterious white powder. As usual, anything that can be deep fried and served on a stick was available as a snack.

And bin Laden was there too. Well, not in person but many of the games on the midway had been adapted for current events. You could win cute stuffed animals by throwing darts at bin Laden, shooting bin Laden with paintball guns, BB guns, and assorted other implements of minor destruction. Hopefully the US Special Forces are having as much luck with the real bin Laden over in Afghanistan.

We wandered around the livestock areas looking at cows, sheep, chickens, and other farm animals. We watched a couple of livestock contests but I’m none the wiser as to why one animal wins and another loses. We also watched the Birds of the World show which has been bringing giant Andean Condors and 200mph Peregrine Falcons to the Texas State Fair for quite a few years.

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