Holiday Update

Time to get the news on my home page caught up again before someone accuses me of abandoning it! November passed mostly uneventfully. I spent a couple of weeks being sick with a sore throat which turned out to be tonsillitis. It took several doctors to figure this out. I guess they weren’t expecting it since most people have had their tonsils removed by my age.

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. This one was spent at a larger than usual but relatively painless family get-together. And, of course, we had the required Thanksgiving left-overs for dinner for a while afterwards.

Things have been slow at work as well. The most interesting thing I’ve been working on lately is reverse-engineering a large database with around 1600 or so fields in about five tables. Once we get it all figured out and implemented on our PostgreSQL server we’re going to transfer about 50k records to it from a MS SQL server.

As of today, our Christmas shopping is officially completed. We’ve mailed the last of our Christmas cards and letters. And I’m hoping to find some time over the holidays to get some work done on – my ToDo list for that site has gotten rather large.

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