Going Green in Texas

One cool thing that came to Texas along with the new year is deregulation of the electricity market. This means instead of being forced to buy my electricity from TXU’s pollution generating plants, I can choose to buy it from non-polluting energy companies. Today I signed up to change our provider from TXU to Green Mountain Energy Company. Green Mountain’s electricity is currently being generated by the more than 4.8GW of wind generation farms in West Texas. Two solar arrays are under construction to add another 100KW of capacity. According to the stats, each household that switches to renewable generation should result in annual reductions of 20,597 lbs of CO2, 54 lbs of SO2, and 37 lbs of Nox. If you’re in Texas, visit their web site and sign up – how often can you do something this easy that might actually make a difference?

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