Mini-ITX Boards

I’ve been catching up on my ToDo list the last couple of weeks. Most of it was boring work-related stuff. But among the fun things, I finally got the review of VIA Technologies Mini-ITX board posted on The board will now pass on to the DPRG where it will hopefully end up in a robot or be put to some other equally creative use. I liked it so much, I think we may buy a couple of Mini-ITX boxes to try out as Linux servers at NCC. If nothing else, they make a lot less noise than our new Dell 1750 does.

I also managed to put a few more fixes and patches into my fork of the mod_virgule code and released a new version today. The libxml2 patch has been in place since the last release and has working pretty well. I added some minor cosmetic fixes today to make the XML output nicely formatted again. I also incorporated a patch from James Henstridge that add RSS link elements for diaries.

To get away from the computer for a while this afternoon, we went to an exhibit of Martha E. Simkins paintings at the Irving Arts Center.

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