Unusual Mammal Report

So, a few days ago we were walking in Campiรณn Trail (location of my infamous Campiรณn Trail chigger adventure) after a thunderstorm. As we came around a curve in the trail near the river, we saw what looked like a very large feral house cat lying in the grass watching joggers go by. We stopped and approached a little closer. It had a very short tail that was twitching back and forth like a rattlesnake’s. The cat didn’t seem frightened of us at all, but when we got close enough, it stood up began to walk slowly away. When it stood up, it became apparent that it was a good deal larger than a house cat and it revealed a leopard-like pattern on its legs and underside. It also had strange little curling tufts of hair at the tips of the ears and alternating white and black lines on its face. What we were looking at was a Bobcat. They apparently adapt quite well to populated areas. We’ll be returning to the location with camera but I don’t have much hope of seeing another as they are normally nocturnal.

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