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Sophies six kittens

Somehow, in a matter of weeks we’ve gone from no fur-bearing mammal pets to having nine cats. We started out with just a mother cat, now called Sophie, and her two surviving kittens (Zippie and Callie) found abandoned in a park. But it turns out mother cat already had six more kittens on the way when we found her. Five of the new kittens were initially pure white but are now showing signs of mixed siamese/non-siamese coloring like their mother. They have blue eyes and dark ears like a siamese but otherwise show varying, random patterns of light brown on white. One kitten that looked a bit like a dark calico has darkened into a tortoise-shell pattern of black and light brown. They all seem to healthy and happy at least. Susan has become pretty attached to Sophie and Zippie at this point so they may stick around but all the new kittens must go. Need a kitten?

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