Free Software

I’ve also been catching up on a couple of free software projects the last couple of weeks. I’ve posted a new version of my fork of the mod_virgule code that includes the latest patches to the official version. It also includes several new features from my ToDo list including a configurable sitemap and article index page. Both of these elements are hard-coded in the official source making it difficult to use mod_virgule without editing the source code and recompiling. I also added a simple include function to the XML markup (suggested on the mod_virgule development list). For a full list of all the goodies in my version, like UTF-8 support, password reminders, libxml2 support, etc., see the web page. Keep the patches and suggestions coming…

I’ve also posted a new version of dumpcheck, the program I’ve been using to help debug the weekly ODP data dump generation problems. In this case, I got a nice pile of useful patches from Andreas Steinmetz including a few fixes for compiler warnings and a couple of new features. Thanks!

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