SEO Contest

A friend of mine is participating in the V7ndotcom Elursrebmem seo contest that’s ending on May 15th. Having done one of these before, I knew from the start I didn’t have the time to enter this one myself, even though there’s about $7,000 in prize money. My green, hulky friend is trying the white hat approach to winning; a tough thing to do when you’re competing against hundreds of black hat SEO sites. He’s got one factor working in his favor though. He’s arranged with the University of Maryland to donate all the prize money to their Center for Celiac Disease Research if he wins.

I’ve thrown a few V7ndotcom Elursrebmem links his way. All things considered he’s doing very well, managing to stay in the top five for most of the contest. With only a week left to reach number one, though, his site will need a few more links if it’s going to hit number one. If anyone reading this has a page ranked PR6 or higher, adding a link might help him win. While donating the prize money to charity is a nice gesture, I’d really like to see him win just to annoy all those pesky black hats.

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