I’ve fallen a little behind in my blogging so I better post this before too much time slips by! Since the Pycon conference was held in Dallas this year, I stopped by a couple of times in the hopes of meeting fellow Advogato users. I also wanted to hear Guido van Rossum speak. I did get to hear Guido’s keynote but was somewhat underwhelmed. That’s probably because I come from the Perl camp and was expecting something on the level of a Larry Wall talk. Rossum’s keynote was more of a boring, corporate powerpoint type thing where he listed off random features that might turn up in the next version of Python. At least he made a good entrance. He walked across the conference room to podium followed by a hunched over guy who was banging two halves of coconuts together in Monty Python and the Holy Grail style. In Guido’s defense, he did start his talk by saying his entrace would be the most entertaining moment.

Later, I got a chance to meet titus. Susan and I took him to nearby Kampai Sushi & Grill and we talked about Python, Perl, programming, the problems with the education system in the US, bioinformatics, Advogato, and a dozen other things. He mentioned several much more interesting sounding Pycon talks and panels that I wish I’d managed to hear.

In any case, I enjoyed the chance to hear some talks and meet some new people.

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