Backyard Biodiversity

Susan and I just returned from a walk. The sky was full of lightning and we may have narrowly missed getting rained on. There’s nothing like a leisurely late night walk. You see some really strange wildlife if you’re out late enough. We’ve seen possum, racoons, night herons, bats, and, almost always see the ubiquitous Mediterranean Gecko. Speaking of reptiles, we saw one of our usually secretive five-lined skinks in the backyard while I was grilling our dinner.

VAIOs and Other Dinosaurs

The Sony VAIO has left the office and returned to its owner. Despite a smooth 24 burn-in of the refurbished machine, I don’t have high hopes for its future stability. But it should be good for web surfing and playing solitiare.

While eating lunch today at Frijoles, a family of Mallards wandered onto the patio. Only in Texas do you see baby ducks going out to eat at Mexican restaurants. A couple of waiters gave them a plate of tortilla chips to munch on.

I also saw some small plastic dinosaurs while I was at lunch. Which got me thinking… how many of you have plastic dinosaurs on or near your computer? Taking an inventory of the plastic menagerie around my computer at home I find a Stegasaur, Triceratops, Brontosaur, Parasaurolophus, Tyrannosaur, Brachiosaur (all gifts from an ex-girlfriend), a blue pterodactyl that for several years sat on the dash board of a red Honda CRX, three other pterodactyls that were gifts from my wife, and finally, two foam rubber human brains (one from NAB ’98 and one from SuperComm ’99). Nearby on my bookself are several small plastic robots and somewhere in a box I think I may still have my bag of over 100 realistic ants. Hmmm… what does it all mean?