Philip Glass: Circles

I picked up a new CD of Philip Glass music recently called Circles. After listening to it just a few times, it’s already one of my favorites. This is all the more unusual because the recordings are of solo piano performances. I generally loathe any and all piano works, but there’s something about Glass’ music which makes it sound perfect when performed this way. Arturo Stalteri is the performer and also arranged a few of the pieces. All of the compositions are interpretations of existing works by Glass – nothing actually new here. Interestingly, I probably never would have bought this CD (after all, it bore the dread warning label “Pianos” on the front), except that I liked the cover art:

If you like Philip Glass, I recommend you buy this CD immediately; you’ll love it. Even if you don’t like most Glass music (hi Susan!) you’ll probably find this quite enjoyable. And, like all Glass music, I find it excellent for dispelling brain clouds.