Mission to Mars

I’m waiting for the new version of ALSA to compile. There are some updates to the sonicvibes code, so maybe I’ll finally be able to get it working. Susan and I went to see Mission to Mars tonight. It was very derivative. It was part 2001, part Apollo 13, and part Contact, with a little Close Encounters thrown in as well. Virtually nothing original in it at all and it was very predictable. And did I mention it was slow moving and full of glaring technical errors? Oh well, they managed to get one thing right at least – it’s one of the few space movies in the last 10 years where people don’t explode when they when they take off their space helmet. And, I have to say, it’s the best Brian De Palma movie I’ve ever seen. Best to wait for it to show up on TV, it won’t be long (it actually wouldn’t have been half bad as a made-for-TV movie).