I Saw Bruce Lee at the Local Surplus Store Today

At lunch today we stopped by a local surplus store called Electronic Discount Sales. They’ve recently moved to a new, much larger space. The new location has two interesting features. The first, called the Computer Museum, is a small room containing lots of cool computer hardware from the good ol’ days like a commodor 64 as well as Atari, Amiga, and Apple stuff. The second is really weird – in a back corner of the store is a small section of display cases where they sell martial arts weapons (yes, in a computer/electronic surplus store). Sitting on top of one of the cases is a life-size plastic replica of Bruce Lee in a pose from Enter the Dragon, illuminated by a xenon strobe. We thought about buying it for the server room until we discovered they wanted $795. That seemed a bit steep but I haven’t priced life-size Bruce Lee replicas lately, so maybe that’s the going price.