Programming the Perl DBI

I’ve been working on more Perl DBI stuff today. When I got back from lunch and checked my mail (postal mail, that is), I found that my copy of Programming the Perl DBI by Alligator Descartes & Tim Bunce had arrived. I’ve been waiting for O’Reilly to get this book out the door for a while and it came at just the right time. It’s full of useful examples of DBI, SQL, and ODBC stuff. Highly recommended.

PostgreSQL and Perl DBI

All the work with PostgreSQL lately has led to the need to install mod_perl and the DBI Perl modules. In addition to the basic DBI module and a PostgreSQL DBD module, I’m also trying out the ApacheDBI module. Apache DBI provides persistant connections to the database, eliminating the time delays associated with opening and closing connections for each query. Right now all this stuff is running on one of our test machines but we’ll be upgrading our primary webservers soon with new, faster hardware, RH6.1, and full database capabilities.