APC SmartUPS and the Fate of Civilization

The replacement APC SmartUPS arrived today. They forgot the prepaid airbill for the dead one, of course, so I’ll have to call them about it tomorrow. I set up the new UPS and it seems to be working okay. I plugged a Sun Ultra 10 and monitor into it and, if nothing goes wrong with this one overnight, we’ll put it online and try to get it talking to Linux. I managed to get a nasty cut on the tip of my right index finger from a sharp edge on the UPS while lifting it – so typing is no fun at the moment.

I started reading How the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill to Susan this week. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to read books faster than I accumulate them.

One of our clients had a wav file that needed editing and I decided to find a sound editor for Linux. I found half a dozen but they were all version or somesuch and, after going to the trouble of building them, they generally consisted of a nice gui that didn’t actually do anything yet. Looks like I’ll have to use Sound Forge on the NT box for this one.