Unix Package Managers

I spent the day yesterday fighting with an HP-UX system trying to get OpenSSH installed. It was an OpenSSH binary in HP’s goofy DEPOT format. You really begin to appreciate things like RPM when you have deal with the Sun or HP package managers. HP has a fancy Motif GUI package manager but it couldn’t see the OpenSSH depot file even when pointed right to the directory it was in. Interestingly there were a dozen other depot packages in this directory and the package manager GUI could only see one of them. I eventually found the command line version and got the package installed only to discover it was missing all the files that are supposed to end up in the /etc directory. I ended up grabbing the source and doing it the old fashioned way.

Today I’m working on robots.net again. The traffic is begining to pick up and so far my mutant version of mod_virgule is holding up pretty well. It’s now syndicating content to xmlTree – though I found some more hard-coded references to Advogato in the RSS code I had to alter for our site until I get time to make them configurable.