Middle East == Skaros?

Another month gone. Still lots of bad news in the world…

More DMCA nonsense here in the US and the media corporations are trying to buy even worse laws from Congress. Meahwhile, the rest of world may be following suit.

Israel and Palestine are still at each other throats over a few miles of real estate. Is it just me, or does the Middle East remind anyone else of the eternal war of the Kaleds and Thals on Skaros? If Arafat shows up on CNN with a Mark III Travel Machine, then I’m going to get worried.

Islamic terrorists are still trying blow up half the people in the world so they can get their quota of virgins in the afterlife. There’s something wrong with a religion that demands you kill others and yourself to get into some sort of whacked-out, male-dominated afterlife. Weird.

Ah well, closer to home life’s not so bad. Work on merging mod_virgule continues at an impressive pace. The user base of Robots.net continues to increase. (and we’re almost to the #1 spot in google!) I spent some time this week shooting macro photos of dragonflies and damselflies. A King Bird appears to have moved into a tree outside my office window (and is spending a fair amount of time trying to communicate with her reflection in said window).