Little Lost Kittens

Susan and I were walking in the park this weekend and saw an abandoned animal carrier lying on the ground. It was a hot day and the carrier was in direct sun. The door was open but when I looked inside there were three cats; a mother and two kittens. They were too frightened to leave the carrier despite the heat and obviously being badly in need of food and water. It was impractical too carry a large plastic box full of cats 2 miles back to the house so we decided to walk home and drive back to pick them up.

When we returned in the car we noticed an SUV parked on the street nearby. It turned out someone else had noticed the cats and while they were looking at them, one of the kittens got spooked, made a run for it and lodged itself up under the rear wheel well of the SUV. I managed to crawl underneath and, after a bit of fumbling around in crevices, retrieved the kitten. We returned it to the carrier and loaded the lot of them into our car.

They were all pretty terrified initially. We moved them from the tiny carrier into our garage and gave them some food and water. They’re all very skinny and both kittens have injuries. One had completely lost its tail (I suppose it’s possible this is a natural mutation and not an injury?). The other was missing part of a rear foot. It looked as if it had been bitten off. The injuries weren’t life-threatening and appeared mostly healed. The kittens are still nursing but will also eat solid food.

The mother cat is a beautiful combination of pure white and a range of browns. It has blue eyes and looks like a mix between a Siamese and something else. The tailess kitten looks like a Calico and is still very frightened of humans. The kitten with the injured foot is mostly black with some white highlights and, along with the mother cat, has become quite friendly with us. The little black kitten also likes to explore and get into trouble at every opportunity. The personalities of the kittens made me suggest Zippy and Griffy as names but Susan prefers Trouble and Callie. We haven’t thought of a name for the mother cat.

We can’t keep them, of course, though it is tempting; particularly the mother cat. I’ve never seen such an amazing looking cat before. They’ll probably be headed to the DFW Humane Center this weekend and from there, hopefully, to a new home where they’ll be well taken care of.

Chickens, Kittens, and an Opossum

We spent a fairly quite weekend doing some work on the lawn. Susan did some weeding and I trimmed some dead branches from one of the trees. Saturday night we went to the Dallas Symphony. This week it was Wagner’s Overture to the Flying Dutchman, Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5, and a work for Orchestra and Percussion by Christopher Rouse called Der gerettete Alberich. The Rouse piece featured Colin Currie as the Percussionist

Sunday night, while grilling some chickens in the back yard, we had two visitors. The first was a small kitten that wandered into the yard and spent a fair amount of time chasing moths around before wandering off again. The second visitor was a medium-size Opossum. (For those not familiar with Texas wildlife, an Opossum is a common marsupial with a prehensile tail.) It had been investigating something under our hedge and got spooked when it realized we were watching it. It ran for the nearest tree, which was a small Cherry Laurel that didn’t offer it much of an escape route. So it ended up perched on a branch about at eye level, where it just sat around watching us grill our chickens.