Chickens, Kittens, and an Opossum

We spent a fairly quite weekend doing some work on the lawn. Susan did some weeding and I trimmed some dead branches from one of the trees. Saturday night we went to the Dallas Symphony. This week it was Wagner’s Overture to the Flying Dutchman, Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5, and a work for Orchestra and Percussion by Christopher Rouse called Der gerettete Alberich. The Rouse piece featured Colin Currie as the Percussionist

Sunday night, while grilling some chickens in the back yard, we had two visitors. The first was a small kitten that wandered into the yard and spent a fair amount of time chasing moths around before wandering off again. The second visitor was a medium-size Opossum. (For those not familiar with Texas wildlife, an Opossum is a common marsupial with a prehensile tail.) It had been investigating something under our hedge and got spooked when it realized we were watching it. It ran for the nearest tree, which was a small Cherry Laurel that didn’t offer it much of an escape route. So it ended up perched on a branch about at eye level, where it just sat around watching us grill our chickens.