DVDs Without Region Codes

I picked up a couple of DVDs on eBay the other day and when I received them I discovered something very interesting. One of them is on the LaserLight label (the same company that puts out a lot of music CDs). The cool thing is they don’t use region coding on their DVDs – you can play them in any local on any DVD player. I wonder how they got around the DVDCCA? Does this mean the content is not encrypted? Hmmm… The movies coming out on the LaserLight label are mostly very old British movies and may be out of copyright. The ones I picked up on eBay, for example, are Alfred Hitchcock movies made in the 1930’s. Whatever the case, I’d like to see more DVD releases that don’t use the annoying region coding system.

Did everyone notice the big price dip in Red Hat stock today? I put in a limit order at $20 which turned out to be too low – it got as low as 20 1/8 but didn’t quite make it to my limit. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow to pick up a few shares.