Austin Maker Faire 2007 Report


I’m back from the Austin Maker Faire. It was really, really cool. If you missed it, you should plan on going next year. The preliminary date for next year’s event is October 18-19, 2008. There were lots of robots to be seen as well as many other forms of art and technology

There were lots of interesting people to see and meet. Interesting bands performed throughout the day on several stages, many on homebrew electronic instruments. There were talks and presentations on iPhone hacking, the cultural problems caused by the “intellectual property” mentality, flying cars, and a host of other geeky subjects. Lisa Abbott, Ugobe’s Director of Marketing, showed me a one-of-kind Pleo mod – a white furry Pleo). For more, take at look at my Flickr album of Austin Maker Faire 2007 photos.